Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New laptop, new post, very little new subject matter.

One day (maybe) I'll actually blog on a more frequent basis... I hope that one day isn't as elusive as the grotesquely fat man's diet.

Anyways, I finally have a new computer (thank you so much, Mom and Dad!) and so I thought a new blog post would be appropriate. As usual, I don't know what I want to write, but I love other people's blogs and am so fascinated with the idea of blogging that I press forward without subject matter.

Most of my thoughts are absorbed by my future career these days- as I'm taking 20 hrs of major courses, this is no surprise. What is a surprise is that it's the technical aspect of teaching that I'm falling in love with. My favorite class is my Methods and Curriculum class; it's all about how to write curriculum and deliver it properly. My second favorite is Educational Psychology (all about how research says we should teach). I actually read my notes from these two classes for fun- without the threat of a test in t-minus 24 hrs looming over my head, too. I find it fascinating to discover what makes great teachers- their habits, the way the organize, how they treat their students. One of these days I'm going to get organized so I can be a great teacher. I should probably make it a very eminent day so that I can be a good student in the meantime. Currently I'm a wee bit scared that 20 hrs is a bigger bite than I can chew. If anyone actually reads this, please pray for my stress levels, success, and non-school relationship not to suffer from my academic work load.

One thing non-school related that I'm SUPER pumped about right now is the worship dance group that I'm starting with some girls from my church. I miss dance so much, and the longer I don't dance, the more I miss it. It's like dance is embedded in my muscle fibers- as long as my legs have nerves and oxygen running through them I'm going to want to dance when I hear certain songs. Some songs don't affect me, but others- my brain choreographs, my thighs twitch, my toes keep time, my core tenses and pretends there's strong, reliable abs there to keep me balanced on impossibly small shoe tips. And my eyes tear up despite my best efforts because it's been three years since I gave in to those feelings almost daily. But now, God has blessed me and two sweet friends (one a treasured friend from past dance days, one a new acquaintance) with the chance to dance again, and give this passion to Him and others. Thank you, Jesus! We'll only be meeting bi-weekly to begin with, but that's probably all my out-of-shape body and busy schedule can handle anyways.

With that schedule in mind, I guess I'll quit rambling and go be a good student. I actually managed to forget that one of my classes existed (in my defense, it's a once-a-week night class, and the teacher's canceled 2x in a row), but I remembered about it today, and with that recollection came a mound of homework due next Monday. If readers for this blog exist, thank you for your interest, and hopefully for your prayers also.