Monday, April 26, 2010

Study Break and Poetry... funny how often those coincide in my life.

So, I'm allowing myself to get off-task for a moment, and share some poetry I've written recently. I used to fill journals, notebooks, and the margins of textbooks with random lines of poetry, but it doesn't come as frequently anymore. It's been a joyful experience to have it return to me lately. These two poems were born out of my thoughts while writing in my prayer journal. They reflect some moments in the past few weeks where I've been very focused on and in awe of God, very worshipful. These weeks have been pretty difficult for me- lots of uncertainties, failed plans, and frustrations, not to mention homework. (Although that obviously doesn't have a great hold on my life, since I'm blowing it off to do this.) It's difficult for me to focus on God, and maintain fellowship with Him when life's hard and busy. However, He, because He's loving and good even though I don't understand or deserve it (in fact, I'm quite rotten) gets through to me, and helps me. I can't help but praise Him for it, and for being the amazingly good God He is.

Why Do You Love Me?

Oh, my sweet, sweet Lord,
There is nothing I have done
To deserve this abounding love,
Poured out for me.

Wretched sinner at my core,
Yet you saved me from myself.
It was your plan above,
Me to redeem.

Oh, why? I do not understand!
Oh, why, my God, would you love me?
Why do you lovingly stretch out your hand,
Your grace offered to me?

What humble joy does fill my soul!
That you give me this gift!
I weep, wondering at your love
That you desire me.

My heart is often dark and cold,
Yet you would have me live
And lift my eyes to you above,
You who redeem!

Oh, God, I pray not to forget
THis love you have revealed
The grace in which you'd have me live,
The joy you give to me.

What joy! This closeness to my God!
My soul within is thrilled
That you my blackest sin forgive
To love and befriend me!


The taste of it is pure and sweet,
A shower washing over every part of me,
Making new and beautiful this ugly, broken body.
I am poor,
And I have no means of buying earning, or deserving this,
Yet the priceless torrent is poured out free of cost
And drinking it, I am filled with riches not my own.
No amount of gratitude can ever repay this debt,
I am forever a beggar, dependent on your charity.
Yet, you treat me like you beloved daughter.
Oh, how can I explain, understand, or rightly appreciate,
This incredible love and mercy!