Thursday, January 10, 2013

Updates and blessings

Today I thought I'd write a little update post... It's raining and thundering, and I have a whole day at home. I love rainy days at home. In high school, I would curl up with a blanket, a gothic novel, and a cappuccino, and read by a window in the kitchen. Today I hope to be a little more productive than that, but I still intend to listen to an audio novel (I'm reading Anna Karenina, which is fantastic), and drink lots of coffee, because coffee I feel like coffee warms you up straight to the bones on a wet January day.

God has blessed me with the perfect job recently! After nearly two months of freaking out about finding a job, and about one month of glorying in housewifery and not wanting to go back to work, God gave me a job at the Bailey APAC school in Jackson. It's a fine arts and academics public school, that the kids have to apply for, and I'll be teaching 6th grade language arts. I know this is the perfect mission field for me, and I'm actually excited about going back to work. My principal and assistant principals seem like very dedicated, open, godly ladies, and my co-workers were so kind and welcoming when I met them. I'm so excited! It's only a 20 minute drive down a peaceful (mostly) residential road, which is awesome since I'm not the best driver, and I hate the highway during rush hour. Big trucks are such scary bullies. So, basically, God is way better and His plan is far better than I could have ever imagined. I even get to finish out the year teaching what I was teaching in my student internship!

As a side note, I have been inspired so much by this 30 day challenge on Revive Our Hearts:

It has been a good growing experience for me, and has really helped be be a better wife to Tyler.

And just because he loves me so much, and knows I love flowers, my sweet husband let me pick
out a bunch of spring bulbs as a surprise on our Kroger shopping trip last night. I'm so excited to
have my own crocuses for the first time! I love crocuses. I always imagine them as the fairy spirits that bring the first sign of spring :)