Friday, January 29, 2010

2nd post in a week! I may be on a roll....

I really ought to be doing homework right now, but, ever the procrastinator, I decided to jack a computer and ramble nonsense to a blog instead. Even though I don't have anything brilliant to say, this is more fun than Statistics. I've always enjoyed writing. Words, their meaning, finding the perfect words- I love it. anyways....

Since last Sunday, my mind this week has been running on two different themes. The first is the fact that my boyfriend has to find a job in two weeks, or move back to his hometown 7 hrs away, where the job market's better. I'll admit, I'm a bit nervous about it. I really do trust God- He's gotten me through so much else before, I know He can handle this, and get me through it if Tyler does move- but that doesn't mean I'll like it any more if it happens. I'm just praying about it a lot.

The second thing is that I'm going to be co-leading a seeker small group for international girls soon. I'm really excited about it. I actually kinda got roped into it by a combination of God and the other leader, but God's really given me a joy in this project. I'm reading this book called "Seeker Small Group" (original, right?) to prepare, and I'm loving it. I can't wait to get started- the whole goal is to offer a safe place for non-Christians to explore their questions about Christianity and Spirituality, to give them a small community of friends where they can feel Christ's love through others, and be guided in their search toward Him. The more I read this book, the more I think it's an awesome idea, and I'm really looking forward to starting it. And I'm not even finished with the first chapter! If anyone actually reads this post, and you're a Christian, please consider buying this book- it will change your tactics about reaching your non-Christian friends.

That's really all that's worth writing about at the moment. I mean, I could write more, but I'd just be making up crap to fill space on this little corner of the web I call mine. And, as much of a clutter-bug as I am normally, the idea of writing crap just doesn't appeal. So, until the next time I jack a computer.... adios.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

SO... My blogging attempt has thus far been more than shabby. I do have an excuse, though. My computer conveniently broke soon after my fall semester started. Fortunately, there are free computers and printing at the campus library. Unfortunately, the campus library is located at the opposite end of campus as my dorm, and neither Facebook nor Blogspot seem like good reasons for me to make that walk. However, I should be getting a computer again soon. Today a friend got me on blogspot randomly, and I thought, "hey, why don't you take the opportunity and write on your poor, sorry, abandoned little blog?" So, dear forgotten blog, you now have your second post.

I don't know how frequently I'll be updating this thing even after I get a computer again, but I'd like to give it a little more attention than it's had up to date. However, I am taking 18 hours this semester, and working two small jobs at the same time. Not to mention, fitting in God, church, family, and friends somewhere. Despite overwhelming prospects, I am looking forward to this semester. I think I'm going to enjoy all of my classes, and I'm really loving and cherishing the growing relationships in my life right now. They are definitely worth finding the time for.

And I also enjoy writing quite a bit- it's a wonderful release for me- so maybe this wimpy little blog will begin to grow with more increased regularity.