Saturday, April 23, 2011

oh, hello again...

So, I owe you a sheepish apology for my lack of commitment to blogging lately... I just have been so insanely busy with school that I haven't had the energy or time to blog... but I have written a little bitty poem, so I'll share that with you... an update on life will have to wait a bit yet.

Single Girls' Paranoia

Quiet, calm evening,
Air a perfect temperature on exposed skin.
I relish the feeling as the breeze strokes my neck.
Around me, eerie quiet. spooky, expectant stillness.
Then the sound.
A car? or voice?
The wind up high, whistling in tree limbs and sky.
I no longer feel alone.
Her low moan
makes me want to glance behind.
Is someone there?
Walk quickly, ignore the shiny, pretty moon and soft air,
Open your apartment door and slide the chain on the other side.
Release the tense breath in your chest now.
You're safe from your own paranoia.