Saturday, March 4, 2017

I miss writing.

Sometimes you finish off large bags of peanut m&m's because you're so glad a long, tiring, allergy -ridden day of fighting with your preschooler for good behavior is over. Sometimes you wish you had something inspiring to write because you love writing but your friends do it so much more consistently and better than you. Sometimes you don't write much, and you go to bed instead because in your family, being mom means your hands are always full of babies and spatulas and crayons and laundry (and coffee cups), and the words you wish you could write about so many different important things get composed in your head and forgotten before you have two hands to type them.

I wrote this with my thumb.

Right now I'll go sleep and say a prayer of thanks for this season of babies and learning to use my two hands to make my house a home.