Monday, March 21, 2011

The Courtyard

A gust of the spring breeze washes over me. 
Glaring bright, but gentle in warmth,
The sun beams down.
Sitting here, I'm exhausted from lack of sleep,
Achy and weary from lugging around a heavy bag on a thin strap all day long,
Disappointed in myself for my failures,
Confused about how to deal with others',
And anxious about the many, many, things I have to do this week. (and next week... and next week...)
Oh, and I'm really hungry, too.
However, the sound of a constant fountain and the gentle hug of the breeze
Help to soothe me. 
Lord, please carry my burden
Take care of my tomorrows,
And give me wisdom to deal with mistakes.
Help my soul to be as peaceful as my surroundings.
Help me to transition from this current melancholy state
To one more hopeful and cheerful.
Give me your strength;
Enable me to do my daily tasks,
While still loving those around me.
Basically, know that I really need and want you right now.
I know I don't want you often enough, and that's how I got to this place.
But right now I'm thankful for the way you embrace me with the breeze
And I'm content just to nestle into you and let you fill me up.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

New blog!

So, as I've become increasingly addicted to blogging, I've noticed that all of my favorite blogs to read have very coherent themes.  Mine, however, is basically a collection of random brain-spews... So, I've decided to create a foodie blog, which will focus on my OTHER favorite hobby, cooking, and let this one continue to be a spew, but a less random one.  I hope to continue posting poetry, prayer requests, and random life-updates on this one, and without a conflict in blog-theme interest, that will (fingers crossed!) occur more frequently. 

As for my new cooking blog (which just has one weensy little post, its so new!), here is a link, if anyone reading and happens to be interested. 

The Budding Budget Foodie

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So, this is a quickie post, since my life is consumed by homework this week, but I saw this on a friend's page and had to share...

I started ballet when I was about this age, and this video brings back so many fun memories of jumping around to twinkly music played on a boombox. I really really hope God gives me a little girl who loves to dance as much as I do!